All sales made by ISOTUBI, S.L. are according to these general sales terms.

    1. All pieces need to be inquired before placing the definitive orders.
    2. ISOTUBI, S.L. declines all responsability for potential damages occured during transportation.
    3. ISOTUBI, S.L. will communicate the minimum amount needed in each order to include transportation cost in the price.
    4. The delivery term showed in our order confirmation has only an indicative caracther.
    5. The seller has the right to send a +/– 10% of the quantity ordered by the customer.
    6. In case of a non-payment of an invoice at its due-date, ISOTUBI, S.L. will stop all further deliveries.
    7. In case of a definitive unpayment ISOTUBI, S.L. will initiate legal actions.
    8. ISOTUBI, S.L. won’t accept returns of material after 15 days from delivery. In case of a return, it is compulsory to send all documents and information concerning delivery and a report of the defects. ISOTUBI, S.L. won’t accept any return of material in case of a bad use of the product by the customer. We warranty our system exclusively when both tubes and fittings have been delivered by ISOTUBI, S.L.
    9. ISOTUBI, S.L. won’t accept any complaint caused by a neglicence in the use of the pressing machines.