Dear customers, suppliers and collaborators of ISOTUBI, S.L.,

Given the current sanitary situation, ISOTUBI has adopted corresponding measures to guarantee to the extent possible the health of its employees and the adequate provision of company´s services.

The working tasks and processes are planned for allowing the employees keeping a proper interpersonal social distance, during the initiation, throughout-, and finalizing of their working shifts at the corresponding working sites.

The working shifts and the access to the working places have been organized as staggered to avoid public-transport-and-company-“rush hour”-access overcrowding.

Part of our staff is telecommuting thus keep rendering at fullest and offering normal services via e-mail, phone or video-conferences. Telecommuting is encouraged by the company – online meetings are very much preferred thus avoiding non-essential displacements.

If the circumstances require it, a protective face mask is used – an adequate PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) are also at employees´s disposal, such as hydroalcoholic gel, thermometers and related to their proper usage info.

Protocols have been established to protect the employees in case someone is apparently manifesting preoccupying symptoms at his/her working place (Ministry of Health Procedures for Occupational Risk Prevention Services to counteract the exposure to SARS-CoV-2, COVID19).

At all times, we adhere to rules and guidelines established by the Government and corresponding Institutions to secure the continuity and safety of our work whilst offering our optimum services.

I take this opportunity to cordially greet you.

Meritxell Arnedo