“The Transformation of Business Leadership:
Keys to Successfully Managing the New Generations”

On Thursday, October 5th, we had the honor of participating in an enriching roundtable organized by the Terrassa Chamber of Commerce at the BIZ Barcelona fair. During this event, we delved into the coexistence of diverse generations within companies, gaining invaluable insights from members of Generation Y, also known as Millennials, represented by Alfons Ubach (Business Development Manager), and Generation Z (born between 1995 and the early 2000s), represented by Paula Carrasco from the Communication department of @cambra de Terrassa.

From the first interview to exit feedback, we explored the different stages of professional life for these generations, listening directly to their experiences and expectations. Paula, from the Terrassa Chamber of Commerce, and Alfons Ubach, from COMSER, shared their visions on what is crucial for them and their respective generations. In collaboration with Jaume Caballé from R2B (Relations To Business Investments), we had the opportunity to question and confront diverse opinions on a variety of topics.

It was an extremely rewarding experience, providing an excellent opportunity to learn how to attract and retain young talent, a cornerstone for the evolution of companies.

One of the most crucial challenges companies face today is attracting and retaining talent. New generations explore alternative paths in their job search, and their expectations often differ from traditional company proposals.

We presented a panel on generational diversity, providing a platform for debate with representatives from both generations: young professionals and business leaders. This dialogue is essential to understand changing dynamics and ensure companies are prepared to lead in the era of new generations.

BIZ Barcelona is a truly fascinating business fair! It brings together entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals from various sectors to share experiences and business opportunities. The fair has become a key meeting point for the business community, offering conferences, roundtables, and exhibitions addressing relevant topics in today’s world.

Special thanks to:
Sònia Perez (Moderator of the debate, responsible for Business Training and Talent at the Terrassa Chamber)
Yolanda Pujol (Event Organizer)