ISOTUBI had the pleasure of exhibiting, together with Grupo Lapuente, at one of the largest fairs in the world of stainless steel: Stainless Steel World 2022.

Maastricht fairgrounds, called MEEC, hosted one of the benchmark events in the stainless steel sector in September, after two years without being able to hold it. Producers, service centers, stockists and distributors from all over the world gathered in the Dutch city with the aim of sharing advances and, above all, perspectives on the situation of the stainless steel market.

Isotubi did not want to miss such an event, as a member company of Grupo Lapuente, it exhibited its latest developments together with the rest of the companies of the conglomerate.

Without a doubt, this has become, over the years, a fair of great strategic importance for the company and its plans to continue growing.

Central Europe is a market in which Isotubi is growing considerably and steadily. Exporting just over 40% to this region, countries such as Germany, Austria, Holland, Hungary, Switzerland or the Czech Republic, pose a continuous challenge due to their quality requirements and certifications that encourage the company to improve and optimize processes with the objective of satisfying, in the best way, its demand.
On the other hand, known for being a company with a great commitment, very marked self-improvement values ​​and a great desire to face new challenges, it was very interesting for Isotubi to exhibit at such a generic fair regarding stainless steel. Open sights beyond our core business (the tube and pressfitting accessories), explore trends, products and, ultimately, opportunities.

It should also be noted that the fair became not only a space in which Isotubi showed its advances and products, but also a meeting point with many of the distributors and strategic partners in the area. In short, a great opportunity to share, improve and strengthen ties in all aspects.