At Isotubi we have added two new machines to our production plants!

The first incorporation is the new CRIPPA. An automatic bending machine for diameters from 15mm to 28mm with semi-automatic feeding of cut tubes for simultaneous work with the first version of the CRIPPA that we already have in full operation. The new machine will bend tubes from 15mm to 28mm, while the existing machine bends from 35mm to 54mm.

The second addition is the ERLO GROUP edge cutting machine capable of efficiently machining the ends of 316L stainless steel elbows, an ideal solution for our semi-finished 45 and 90º elbows (see Fig. 03, 04, 05 & 06 in our product catalogue).

This new station contains significant improvements in clamping, automatic loading and unloading of parts and inlet divider, which helps to further increase the production capacity at our Barcelona production plants. In terms of waste treatment, a great leap forward has also been made compared to the previous version.

From now on, in our Barcelona plants we will have the CRIPPAs working together with the ERLO machines. So, there will be an increase in production and greater efficiency.

We keep on improving!