Since a few months ago in all Isotubi centres we have started to implement the 5’s methodology, which is a Japanese work philosophy that aims to have a much more organised, tidy and clean working environment on a permanent basis. This results in an increase in productivity, an improvement in the working environment itself and a positive change in the working culture.

Seiri (Eliminate) -> We get rid of everything that is not needed and it is essential to know what to keep or discard.

Seiton (Sort) -> We put the material in a specific place so that it can be found easily.

Seiso (Clean) -> We must keep the work area clean and ready to be used at any time, as well as to identify possible breakdowns.

Seiketsu (Standardise) -> We focus on keeping the first three S’ identified and for this we recommend using some visual aids.

Shitsuke (Maintain) -> It is necessary to respect all previously established rules and therefore we encourage staff to adhere to these rules. We encourage deviations, control and take measures for improvement.

The advantages of the 5’s methodology are reflected in the workspaces themselves and also in the performance of the employees. Among these advantages we highlight organisation, systematisation, categorisation, improvements in time management, improvements in employee productivity, optimisation of the tasks to be carried out and improvements in material management as we avoid material losses and improved safety at work.

As it is a change of philosophy, it requires commitment, effort and support from all employees in order to generate the expected results.

At Isotubi we continue working day by day to keep improving.