ISOTUBI  along with amec, entity that groups the main international industries in Spain, defends a solid and diversified economy, where all sectors maintain a strong and sustainable balance: landscapes of organic production, excellent quality food, services focused on large objectives and industrial brands.

We want to be part of a system that enhances the sectors who generate the most progress and that recognizes the industry as one of the agents with the most power for social and economic transformation.

“ISOTUBI wants to contribute to the international placing of industrial companies
in terms of values, innovation and collaboration

We love what we do, we take care of the team that helps us to do it and, beyond being an international company, we act locally with the territories and societies.

We take good care of the quality of our product, but also to the social value that we provide.

The 5 principles of Positive Industry are

  • ANTICIPATE: Act strategically for the good of the ecosystem of which we all are part.
  • ADAPT: Adapt quickly and in the kindest way to a changing environment.
  • COLLABORATE: Create new links with companies, entities and society.
  • LOCATE: Understand our global performance, but also act locally.
  • FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY: Guarantee sustainability as the only way for the progress of the company, society and the planet.

We firmly and decisively propose to contribute to make the change of era as safe, transversal and positive as possible for companies, society and for the planet.

¡Be positive!

If you are convinced of the relevance of these commitments, feel free to join us and you will be able to generate awareness about the path towards the new competitiveness, so that many more companies share our purpose and help industrial companies like us to earn more social relevance and become recognized as one of the key factors for the recovery of the entire country, in line with the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.

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