We renegotiate contracts and help our clients with administrative tasks.
Our experience with non-EU countries is an important added value.

For over 40 years ISOTUBI has been producing and exporting stainless steel tubes (and press-fittings) for installations that take place in health-care facilities (hospitals, clinics, Labs), airports and other civil engineering projects all around the globe. The CEO of the company, Mrs. Meritxell Arnedo comments that the firm has been dealing “on the go” with the new trade reality established with United Kingdom after the Brexit took place – a country that represents 13% of the ISOTUBI´s total turnover (26 mlln EUR / year 2020).

Until the last week of December 2020, neither our UK clients nor ourselves knew what was going to happen. The commercial agreements had to be re-negotiated “on the go”, we had to adjust our prices to partly compensate our UK clients who agreed on taking care of all newly involved procedures on the way and also on arranging the transportation of the goods to UK.

Ms. Arnedo says the company has had to increase drastically the administrative work and the time involved, so to comply with the new requisites.
After all she breathes easy as finally there aren´t any import duties considered and for being able to overcome the overall bottle-necking that took place during the first weeks of January, 2021.

During the last quarter of 2020 our UK clients increased their stock levels by 20 to 30%, to off-set the blurry in short run future. ISOTUBI is confident in maintaining smooth commercial operations with Great Britain as up to date „nobody on the Archipelago manufactures ISOTUBI´s products“ and also because the company has a long history track of successfully run export operations to many non-EU countries, such as USA, Australia or New Zealand.

Meritxell Arnedo

Directora general de la empresa industrial Isotubi.